Return on Cubo (ROC)
Rewards are cut down to 50% after ROC (Return on Cubo). What this means is that rewards are reduced after you receive the CUBO tokens you put in.
As an example, let's say you mint a Nano node:
  • You put in 100 DAI and 100 CUBO
  • You get 1 CUBO/day
  • After 100 days you'll have gotten 100 CUBO back
  • On day 101 the rewards from that node will be 0.5 CUBO
ROC is per node, so this reward cut only happens to the node that has reached ROC, not all the other nodes.
Note that you can still get 60% of total rewards if you wait 14 days between withdrawals after ROC.
Using the same example of the Nano node, if you wait 14 days you'll get 0.6 CUBO on those 14 days.
  • You withdraw on day 13: 13 x 0.5 CUBO = 6.5 CUBO
  • You withdraw on day 14: 14 x 0.6 CUBO = 8.4 CUBO
Note that 14 days is the point when you earn more, you can withdraw at any point after this and still get 60% of original earning. This means that if you were to withdraw after 20 days the rewards per day would still be 60% of original rewards.
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