CUBO staking
Stake your CUBO and accumulate DAI in return.
This feature allows investors to stake CUBO at a fixed value of $1. This means that the staking APR assumes that CUBO is always at a $1 price. The APR for staking CUBO is a fixed 10%.
So if CUBO is under $1 this contract amplifies the APR a lot.
The interest on your staked CUBO accumulates every second.
Let assume CUBO @ $0.5
With 1,000 DAI you can buy 2,000 CUBO, then stake it and get 200 DAI per year, making it effectively 20% APR.
There's no lock on the staked tokens. You can withdraw the deposited CUBO at any time and harvest the accumulated DAI at any time too.
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